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Bird Protection Resources for Local Activists

The purpose of this site is to protect birds from deadly window collisions by helping clubs promote window collision prevention – especially in homes. Other sites focus on new laws and skyscrapers.

The site has had over 4,000 visits.

All the information on the site has been reviewed by experts, such as Dr. Daniel Klem and Dr. Martin Rossler. The material has been prepared  by a retired attorney who has led bird  window collision prevention efforts in his community for four years.  He set up his sunroom as a display room where neighbors can come by and choose the system they want.  He has also installed both the commercial and DIY versions of all the scientifically sound systems.  Broad information on the scope and science of bird window collisions can be found at the American Bird Conservancy or the Acopian Center for Ornithology.

Bird-Safe Building Resource Center This section provides information about the very favorable economics of bird window collision prevention in the commercial and residential sector. It is designed to assist state and agencies as they write building codes requiring bird-safe glass in new construction. The residential material also assesses the economics of replacement windows. It can also be used by local organizations working to convince new building owners to install bird safe.

“Window Strike Prevention:  It Worked for Us.” In this video five of my neighbors describe their experiences with collision prevention systems. It is entitled  It is the most effective promotional tool we have developed.  It has had over 4,000 views.  It is also on YouTube at (There is also a version of the testimonial video that does not include monofilament lines at )  It is also on YouTube at

 “A Consumer Guide to Bird Window Collision Prevention” is the second item .  Dr. Daniel Klem has called this an ”impressive resource.” It uses photos to compare a clear window, a window with collision prevention installed and a screened window.  It also compares the cost and effectiveness of the systems.  It includes detailed DIY directions for all the systems. The guide is posted on many club sites and you can be linked to or downloaded at  At the end of the Guide is  a sample newsletter article.

How to Choose and Bird Window Collision Prevention System  This  video is a summary of the “Consumer Guide.”  The video is excellent for club meetings. It can be directly downloaded at   You can combine it with an overview video on the huge number  of window collision deaths and the basic science behind bird window collision prevention by Dr. Daniel Klem or Christine Sheppard of the American Bird Conservancy. It is on YouTube at

“Window Alert: Bad for Birds”  explains why consumers should not buy a WindowAlert type decal product.  This was reviewed by Dr. Martin Rossler of the University of Vienna.  He praised it as very clear, correct and important.” Dr. Rossler is the leading expert on bird window collisions in Europe.  Educating consumers about the ineffectiveness of Window Alert is very important because about 50% of consumers who finally decide to prevent window collisions purchase this dangerous product.

Quick Tips” give the reader advice on what system to use based on what he is most interested in – cost, effect on vision, or effectiveness.  As it is posted, it includes the one page “Quick Tips” and the “Consumer Guide” in one document.  Thus the user who cares about “X” can link to the material in the Consumer Guide where is talks about “X”.

“8 Tools to Promote Bird Window Collision Prevention.”  The tools were developed over 4 years of promoting window collision prevention in my club and neighborhood.  These techniques work.  I will also help local leaders like yourself by providing the tools mentioned in the “7 tools…”  For instance, I have made displays for clubs and fabricated sample packs.

“Install Window Strike Prevention” is a video that shows a simple quick way to install a system that meet the 4” by 2” standard  – do an entire sunroom in 30 minutes.


A Dangerous Yard Not Bird Friendly  On the blog page there is a very important analysis which shows that unless we start by making our yards bird safe (controlling cats and preventing bird window collisions) our efforts to increase bird populations in yards with native plants will not succeed.  This analysis is endorsed by both Dr. Doug Tallamy (the nation’s leader in native plant advocacy) and Dr. Daniel Klem, the nation’s leading expert on bird window collisions.  It is also posted at Dr. Tallamy’s site.

Other blogs include:

1.The “Fable of Ten White Kittens.”  It makes the point that we should care for our backyard birds as well as we take care of our pets. 

2. A poster which makes the point that home window collisions are a huge problem, in fact far bigger than skyscrapers.

3. There is also a letter which Dr. Daniel Klem sent to all the bluebird society leaders urging them to protect the birds they love from window collisions

4. Does God Care About Birds?

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I am dedicated to helping birds. I concentrate on making sure they have enough to eat -- and thus promote native plants, and making sure our yards are safe for them -- and thus promote the use of systems to protect birds against deadly window strikes. I worked for national environmental organizations, in the U. S Senate as Chief Counsel of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as a policy adviser in a presidential campaign.

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