Native Plant Resources for Your Home and For New Developments

New Home Developments Can Be All Native at No Extra Cost

A New Analysis Shows that New Home Developments can be Entirely Landscaped with Native Plants at No Extra Cost

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Report Shows How and Why It Can Be Done


  1. It is no more costly to landscape with native trees and shrubs
  2. A native landscape can support – in time – a sustainable populations of insectivorous birds
  3. The implementation of a “Native Plants for New Developments” strategy is politically viable

We can establish a native plant base on 100’s of homes which is much more efficient


Expert Developed Plans For Southeast Yards

Shows Exactly Where to Plants Each Plant – All Plants Commercially Available

Expert Developed Plans These plans were developed by Clemson Extension for small new home lots in Sun City Hiltonhead. Step 4 shows that all these natives can be purchased at local commercial nurseries. It costs no more to plant native than to plant exotics.

Not Full Native Ecosystem – These are the basic landscaping plants only. To develop a full native ecosystem will require native ground covers and planting beds. A working native ecosystem will require about 10 yards.

Four (4) Simple Steps
Step 1. Install window strike prevention and keep cats inside. If there are outdoor cats or windows without bird collision prevention, native plants will harm wildlife by attracting them into an unsafe place as is explained by native plant expert Doug Tallamy.
For all the information needed to choose a bird window collision prevention system Click Here

Step 2. Choose 1 of 4 Below by House Orientation -N, S, E, W . Click Here

Step 3 See Photos of Plants on Plans Click Here

Step 4. Where to get the plants Click here

View or download plans Click Here

Native Plant Photos On Plans

View Plant Photos Below – use ctrl F to find

Where to Get the Plants — uses Bluffton Nurseries To Show Natives are Available

Links to Native Plant Information

  Colorado Front Range Landscape Plans: Audubon Rockies Bird-friendly Garden Designs provides plans for four types of gardens.

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