Native Plants for Birds: It’s A Different Strategy

I am a strong supporter of native plants for birds. The native plant promotion system we developed in our club has been very successful – 45% of members have planted native plants. It is also at this site: Doug Tallamy calls on those of us who love native plants to protect the birds weContinue reading “Native Plants for Birds: It’s A Different Strategy”

New Hope for a Cat Friendly Option to Reduce Cat Predation

Although cats are the leading cause of bird deaths, membership organizations have been unwilling to address the issue because of the extreme reaction from cat lovers. It is now possible to address the issue with the support of cat lovers. It is with low dose cat contraceptives.  Cat lovers who maintain colonies know that manyContinue reading “New Hope for a Cat Friendly Option to Reduce Cat Predation”

What Buildings Cause Most Deaths?

The Answer — Option 2 !! see below- source follows ABSTRACT “Bird–building collisions in the United States: Estimates of annual mortality and species vulnerability”,  Condor, Volume 116, 2014, Based on 23 studies, we estimate that between 365 and 988 million birds (median ¼ 599 million) are killed annually by building collisions in the U.S., withContinue reading “What Buildings Cause Most Deaths?”

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