How I Came to Understand Bird-Friendly Must Be Bird Safe

In my bird club and my community I have been working very hard to increase native plants in residential landscapes. I pleaded, “only if we get above 70% native vegetation, will add 2 net nestlings per nest of the birds we love to watch and feed.  Plant native and keep those nestlings alive.”  Forty-five perContinue reading “How I Came to Understand Bird-Friendly Must Be Bird Safe”

Fable of 10 White Kittens

I have always wanted beautiful long hair white kittens. When my adoption center announced that it had ten, I was there in a New York minute. They were so happy I would adopt 10. “Just a few questions,” they said. “Will you give them a good safe home?” “Of course, I said, but there areContinue reading “Fable of 10 White Kittens”

Turning Off Home Lights Does Not Save Birds

          Turning Off Home Lights Saves Birds? NO Scientific Justification  Jim Cubie Ornithology Center at Muhlenberg College As part of the Lights Out campaign homeowners are urged to save birds by turning off a few home lights. This way, it is claimed, they can help save the “500 million to 1 billion birds killed byContinue reading “Turning Off Home Lights Does Not Save Birds”

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