The Fable of the 10 White Kittens

I have always wanted beautiful long hair white kittens. When my adoption center announced that it had ten, I was there in a New York minute. They were so happy I would adopt 10. “Just a few questions,” they said. “Will you give them a good safe home?” “Of course, I said, but there are coyotes that kill a few cats around so I might lose one or two.” Aghast, they said, ”two dead kittens, no adoption!!!!” I said, “what’s the problem?” There are millions more cats every year, but bird populations are down 30% and no one cares if a few of my feeder birds die every year hitting my windows. I love those birds.” “Really,” she said? “No adoption, no way.” “Hey wait,” I objected, “ I’m not to blame for wild coyotes.” “Really,” she responded, “Are your windows wild animals?” To find out how to protect the birds you love to watch in your backyard go to Consumer Guide to Bird Window Strike Prevention -click arrow to download


Published by ornithologycenter

I am dedicated to helping birds. I concentrate on making sure they have enough to eat -- and thus promote native plants, and making sure our yards are safe for them -- and thus promote the use of systems to protect birds against deadly window strikes. I worked for national environmental organizations, in the U. S Senate as Chief Counsel of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as a policy adviser in a presidential campaign.

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