The Fable of Ten White Kittens

I have always wanted beautiful long hair white kittens. When my adoption center announced that it had ten, I was there in a New York minute. They were so happy I would adopt 10. “Just a few questions,” they said. “Will you give them a good safe home?” “Of course, I said, but there are coyotes that kill a few cats around so I might lose one or two.” Aghast, they said,”two dead kittens, no adoptIon!!!!” I said, “what’s the problem?” There are millions more cats every year, but bird populations are down 30% and no one cares if a few of my feeder birds are killed every year hitting my windows. I love those birds.” “Really,” she said? “No adoption, no way.” “Hey wait,” I objected, “ I’m not to blame for wild coyotes.” “Really,” she responded, “Are your windows wild animals?”

Published by ornithologycenter

I am dedicated to helping birds. I concentrate on making sure they have enough to eat -- and thus promote native plants, and making sure our yards are safe for them -- and thus promote the use of systems to protect birds against deadly window strikes. I worked for national environmental organizations, in the U. S Senate as Chief Counsel of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as a policy adviser in a presidential campaign.

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