This Video Shows Neighbors Who Are Happy With the Window Collision System They Have Installed — no monofilament

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Why This Listserv?

Why This Listserv? I have set up this listserv to provide a communication link between those of us who are working primarily on residential and small commercial bird collision prevention.  The group is called

This listserv is not in competition with American Bird Conservancy’s “collisions” listserv which primarily links the science community.  Christine Sheppard is aware of this initiative and is supportive.  For issues involving the science or “how to get a safe building ordinance passed?,” ABC is the place to go.  This new listserv aims to service the clubs and individuals who are trying to convince others to install window strike prevention in homes. 

As an example of what we can share, I have completed two videos that I hope you can use. One will help homeowners to choose a system (impact on vision, costs, etc.)  The second will be testimonials by neighbors who have systems installed in their homes testifying that “it worked for them.”  If you have resources – let’s share them with the community.

At this point I will not try to moderate the list—but will do so if there are too many emails or inappropriate content. To stay on the list, you need to do nothing.

Of course, you know how to unsubscribe.

So Give it a try —

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