Protect the Birds You Love to Feed

Just like bringing a pet home from a shelter, we invite birds to our homes by installing nest boxes or feeders.  If you adopt a pet you must show that you will provide it a safe home.  Our birds deserve safe homes.

Our Windows are a Major Threat to Birds

Birds do not see windows and crash into them. Four to five birds will die hitting your windows if you feed. Based on many scientific studies hundreds of thousands of birds will die each year hitting our windows. Feeding increases the likelihood of a bird dying hitting a window by 90%. Feeder birds are the typical victims of window strikes. Journal of Field Ornithology, 1990, 61(l):120-128.

Cats which live around houses kill even more birds.

Window alert decals do not work. See

You can protect your birds – and still enjoy your view. See photos in the Consumers Guide to Bird Strike Prevention at

It describes what works, costs, diy directions for all options.

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I am dedicated to helping birds. I concentrate on making sure they have enough to eat -- and thus promote native plants, and making sure our yards are safe for them -- and thus promote the use of systems to protect birds against deadly window strikes. I worked for national environmental organizations, in the U. S Senate as Chief Counsel of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as a policy adviser in a presidential campaign.

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